Holiday Food Toxic to Dogs


To treat or not to treat your dog this Thanksgiving Holiday.

All dogs, unless they are well trained, beg for treats throughout the year. Thanksgiving being no exception.

Here’s a list of ten Thanksgiving foods to never give your dog.

1. Onions, garlic, chives, and leeks are all in the Allium family and are toxic to both dogs and cats. Garlic is 5x as toxic as onions.

2. Chocolate of any kind. Milk, white, or dark. Dark can be deadly for dogs. Are you making a cup of coco with real coco powder? Do not leave the cup sitting somewhere where the dog can finish it off.

3. Grapes or raisins are extremely toxic and cause renal failure.

4. Cooked bones, especially poultry, can splinter and cause choking and intestinal blockage.

5. Alcohol. Keep that drink up or you might have one drunk pup.

6. Macadamia nuts. Many dogs love peanuts especially peanut butter, but it is not good for dogs. More toxic than peanuts are macadamia nuts as they are very toxic to dogs and can cause death.

image7. Milk products. I do give my dogs a taste of unsweetened Greek yogurt at times without problems but any milk products other than that might not sit well with their tummys and just might cause diarrhea.

8. Currants are used in cooking throughout the holidays, but beware as they cause diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy in dogs.

9. Caffeine. A good cup of joe might warm your spirits and make that pie go down easy, but giving any caffeine to a dog is a no no. It can be fatal and once it gets in your dogs system, there’s no turning it around.

10. Avocados. Hold the guacamole because here comes the pup. Yes, dips are popular during the holidays but giving a dog avocado is toxic. Avocados have persin in the leaves, pits, and bark that make them very toxic.

PS. Don’t forget the pumpkin as it’s one treat your dogs will love. In moderation that is!