Toxic Yard Mushrooms and Pet Care in Kennewick….

As I go about my way on my pet care route, I’ve been running into mushrooms in clients yards or on dog walks around Kennewick, Washington. This has been of great concern to me and I discard the mushrooms by picking them up while protecting my hands. Then I wash my hands well. I then let my pet care clients know of the danger they can cause to their pet, even death.

Toxic mushrooms fall into 3 categories depending on how toxic they are. It’s very important to take the type of mushroom you think your pet might have ingested to the vet for the proper pet’s care and diagnosis.

The three categories are:

A:) are the most toxic and destroy the kidneys and liver.

B:) and C:) destroy the nervous system.                                           image

D:) cause gastrointestinal irritation.

The most common symptoms with mushroom poisoning are:

Abdominal pain
Yellowing of the skin (jaundice)
Uncoordinated movements
Excessive drooling (ptyalism)
Seizures and Coma

What made me want to write this article? Two Mastiff dogs in my home town Kennewick, Washington, consumed mushrooms out in their yard. One of the Mastiffs passed away and one got very ill and required emergency vet pet care.

So there you have it. Will you go out and check your yard now before letting your pets out. Will you check the yards in your neighborhood as you are walking your dogs? Please remember when you hire a professional pet sitter, they do just that while providing pet care for you.

Remember mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes.

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