Why hire a professional pet sitter in Kennewick, Washington?

imageWhy hire a professional pet sitter?

Professional pet sitters take their pet sitting business very seriously, and want only the best for you, your pets and your home. Our livelihood depends on your satisfaction.

We keep your pets on their regular feeding/exercise routine.

A professional will be licensed, bonded and insured.

Any grievances will be addressed in a timely, fair and professional manner.

We seek out continuing education concerning pet care and training.

You will not have peace of mind leaving your beloved pets in the care of an uninsured hobby sitter or neighbor.

With a professional pet sitter you will have peace of mind that they have a back up sitter if an emergency happens.

A professional pet sitter knows when a pet is sick or out of sorts and will seek the necessary help.

A professional pet sitter will be happy to update you as often as you like when caring for your pets. A text or picture of a happy pet will make you reassured that you made the right choice for pet care.

So before you hand your keys and your pets health and life to a neighbor, friend, or nonprofessional, please consider what a professional pet sitter can offer you….peace of mind to be able to enjoy your time away and lots of love for the pets.

Here at I’ve Gone Mutts Pet Sitting in Tri-cities, Washington, I take pride in the care and love I bring to each pet. Please call if you are looking for this type of care that a professional offers. 509-627-9037

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