Help, I Found a Stray Dog here in Kennewick, Washington


Stray dog

Stray dog



I can’t tell you how often I come across a loose dog here in Kennewick. Especially after
one of our wind storms we are known for. It’s heart breaking when I see them frantically running in and out of traffic so scared and bewildered. I have been able to catch a few and go have them scanned at a local Vista Vet for a chip. Usually they are chipped but there’s a few times I’ve been told that they didn’t have a chip but when I took them over to the Pasco shelter they scanned again and found that they were chipped.

Being that dogs can be escape artists, having them chipped and updated tags are so important when you first get them home.

If you do find a lost dog he probably is scared and more than likely will not approach you just by calling him or chasing him. I found that the best way to handle this situation is to sit down. Once you sit down you are a lot less intimidating and there’s more of a chance the dog will approach you. Whatever you do, DO NOT chase it into traffic. There are lots of times I’ve seen dogs stay on the sidewalks because they know better but half the time or more, they have no fear of traffic.

It’s very important, if you have a heart for strays as I do, to carry a leash and some treats in your car. This way you might have a better chance of saving it from getting hurt.

If you are lucky enough to have been able to catch it, first and foremost keep it separate from any children or pets you have at your home. Also, take it to the nearest vet to be scanned for a chip, if it’s wearing tags, call the phone number on the tag and leave a message, post on Facebook under Tri-Cities lost, found and rehome pets of the Tri-Cities with a picture of it and this will get the word out. Also, Craigslist has a lost and found section. DO NOT give it to just anyone claiming to be the owner. Make them prove it by showing you vet records ect.

If the owner is found, repost that it’s been found. If all else fails and you cannot keep it at your home until the owner is found, make it to the local shelter. Here in Kennewick, Washington, it’s off 18th street in Pasco. You can call in a few days to see if the shelter was able to find the owner. Usually, there’s a happy ending.

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